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Spring in the Garden

So much happens all at once as Spring arrives.  Some plants flower all at once in a glorious burst, like the pink Echium, others start slowly, with more and more colour each day like my favourite rose, Rosa laevigata, which provides a once a year display of beauty.  My roses are suffering terribly from the salt winds which enter the garden over the back fence and also burn vegetables black.  We were protected by a row of Tuarts in the garden behind us but they were lost late last winter in a storm.  We have replanted Tuarts and Marris in our neighbour’s garden but it will be a few years until they can again buffer the garden from the strong winds.  There is a price to be paid for living so close to the sea!

The Jacobean lily (Sprekelia) is one of the other flowers I most anticipate at this time of year, glowing in the red garden when most of the other perennials are still reshooting.

  • Echium in full bloom Echium in full bloom
  • Rosa laevigata Rosa laevigata
  • Rosa laevigata Rosa laevigata
  • Sprekelia Sprekelia

Another pleasure comes from the flowering of special plants kept in pots.  The Dendrobium orchids and Primula auriculas have been enjoying the winter and early Spring sunshine but will soon be moved back under the shelter of the Mulberry tree for the summer.

  • Pots of Primula auricula Pots of Primula auricula
  • Native Dendrobiums Native Dendrobiums



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