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Colour in Canberra

One of the joys of a cold climate that we don’t experience so much in Perth is the beauty of autumn leaves. There are a few trees that will grow well in our climate and provide some colour, notably the Chinese Tallow, but on the whole our deciduous trees do not develop the amazing colours seen in the ACT and Victoria.

I enjoyed a few days in Canberra in May and was spellbound by the gorgeous colours, especially on bright sunny days. the Mountain and Desert ash trees were particularly spectacular. The maples are my favourite and they can be grown in Perth if you can provide them with sufficient shelter from the sun and wind. I have seen a lovely old maple nestled into the southside of a courtyard garden in one of the Australian Open Gardens.

  • Liquidambar Liquidambar
  • Mountain Ash Mountain Ash
  • Desert Ash Desert Ash
  • Gorgeous Japanese Maple Gorgeous Japanese Maple
  • Maples against a winter sky Maples against a winter sky

I have to admit though, as much as I love the colours of cold climates its good to come home to Perth and find my cattleya orchid flowering happily outside under the flowering frangipanis.
  • Cattleya orchid Cattleya orchid


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