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My Spring Garden

Having been away all of October I came home to a fair bit of spring chaos, hence the late posting!  The garden was full of flowers and there were also a few more weeds than usual due to our wonderful September rains.

In the purple garden the beautiful “opium” type poppies were flowering (and still are, three weeks later).  I bought seed for these from the Banksia Farm in Mt Barker and they put on  a wonderful display.  The bees love them too! The  Cupani sweet peas were also flowering in the purple bed when I returned at the end of October and they are also still going.  They need to be picked often to keep them flowering.  The little Buddleia Dark Knight is a gorgeous colour and there is  a backdrop of the pink Cestrum which flowers year round and is beloved by the honey eaters.  I really want to remove it as it doesn’t belong in the purple bed but I think I will have to establish one in the pink bed first!

The pink garden was full of evening primrose flowers and pentstemons, offset by blue delphiniums, while the red garden was a mass (and mess) of red Flanders poppies.  As well as Gaillardia and Arctotis, the beautiful white rock rose was flowering in the yellow garden.

In the vegie patch the fennel and broad beans were ready for harvest and the first strawberries were starting to ripen.  As with all legumes broad beans need to be harvested continually so that they keep producing.  Thankfully we didn’t miss the asparagus season so I have been able to enjoy (and am still enjoying) this harvest.

  • Purple poppies Purple poppies
  • Purple garden with Buddleia, poppies, sweetpeas, Cestrum Purple garden with Buddleia, poppies, sweetpeas, Cestrum
  • Pink evening primrose Pink evening primrose
  • Primrose, pentstemons and salvia Primrose, pentstemons and salvia
  • Flanders poppies Flanders poppies
  • Rock rose Rock rose
  • Spring harvest Spring harvest


I have been working to get the garden into shape for the hot weather, which seems to have come sooner than usual: feeding with compost and Troforte slow release fertiliser, deep watering and mulching.  In some places I have needed to use Sand to Soil to improve the wetting ability of the soil.  I am collecting mulberries and strawberries every day  and blackberries and youngberries every second day.  There are so many Chinese gooseberries I am considering preserving some.  I have almost finished planting the first round of root vegetables, lettuce, okra, corn, zucchini, melons, tomatoes etc  for summer crops.  Always a busy time in the garden!


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