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Wildflower gardens

Each year we create a spring display of everlastings and kangaroo paws on the nature strip to brighten the street.  The kangaroo paws are a variety of hybrids in various colours and heights, with smallest at the front of the verge just behind the Myoporum groundcover and the tallest nearest the footpath.  The kangaroo paws are there all year round and some of them flower almost all year, but in May we sow the everlasting seed after the first winter rains.


The seed comes from one bag bought several years ago, since then we have collected it after the flowers finish in mid summer and resown it each year with plenty to give away.  the seed which falls into the garden usually shoots too early and fails.  The garden receives no watering through the winter except for the rain.  Snails love everlastings as well as kangaroo paws so the iron based Multiguard is used occasionally.  As the everlastings die they are pulled out and the bark mulch replenished

Overall this is a very low maintenance, low effort display.

  • A display of wildflowers A display of wildflowers
  • Everlastings with kangaroo paws Everlastings with kangaroo paws
  • Myporum provides a green edge Myporum provides a green edge
  • Even more gorgeous in the sun Even more gorgeous in the sun


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