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Walk on the Zig Zag

I went for a walk with the Wildflower Society on the Zig Zag in the Darling Ranges.  There are incredible views over Perth and some beautiful bush.  Although it was still mid-winter we found many flowers, including Donkey orchids, Petrophile biloba and several species of Acacia.  The main purpose of the walk was to look for Hakea myrtoides, which has a limited distribution.  We were happy to find lots of plants, in gorgeous flower and resprouting from a burnt area.

  • View from the Zig Zag walk View from the Zig Zag walk
  • Daviesia decurrens Daviesia decurrens
  • Hakea myrtoides Hakea myrtoides
  • Donkey orchid, Diuris sp. Donkey orchid, Diuris sp.


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