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Unusual flowers

I love to find new plants, in gardens, in the bush and in nurseries.

I visited Kings Park to see what was in flower (resisting the Friends of Kings Park plant sale) and spotted  a beautiful bright bush on the roadside of the Botanic Gardens.  It was Grevillea wickhamii (photos below), absolutely covered in brilliant flowers and buzzing with insects.  According to Naturebase this Grevillea is endemic to the north of Australia: WA, NT and Queensland, but it certainly thrives in Kings Park.  Now I am trying to work out where I could squeeze one into my garden!

  • Grevillea wickhamii Kings Park Grevillea wickhamii Kings Park
  • Beautiful grevillea flowers Beautiful grevillea flowers

In my garden the Mexican tree daisy Montanoa grandiflora I bought from Whistlepipe Nurseries finally flowered.  It had grown from a very small cutting to over 2 metres tall and was looking a bit tattered and unattractive but when it flowered all was forgiven!  I think I will cut it back after flowering and perhaps try to strike some cuttings.

  • Montanoa grandiflora Montanoa grandiflora
  • Reaching for the sky Reaching for the sky
  • Welcome autumn flowers Welcome autumn flowers



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