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Quince harvest

Today I picked all (well almost all!) of my quinces.  I wanted to wait a little longer but the beautiful Ring-necked parrots or 28s were feasting on them so it was now or never.  The crop was also very heavy for my little tree which has been in just over two years.  I have 60 and the birds have five! Last year I had about 8 quinces and thought I was in heaven.  I had planned to make quince paste when I picked the quinces in May but then my daughter gave me some of the ones she had baked and all plans for paste were abandoned.  They are baked for a long time in the oven in an enamel dish and go form yellow/green rock hard to pink, soft and with the most delicious smell imaginable.  At the Barossa Farmer’s Market in March I was told to pick quinces early for quince paste as they have more pectin, so perhaps I will use some of my bountiful crop for paste this year.  I have also been planning to make some fig and fennel paste from our plentiful fig crop.



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