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Lotus ponds

My garden has two ponds: one is a lily and iris pond with a waterwall of tiles brought back from Turkey, the other is an Australian billabong with a rock waterfall and only Australian plants including nardoo and fringe lilies.  Both ponds have a contented population of native pygmy perch (which don’t eat frog’s eggs or tadpoles), frogs and snails, all of which are breeding.  Various insects such as dragonflies also use the ponds.

Recently I visited Siem Reap in Cambodia and stayed at the lovely Le Meridien Hotel.  The grounds of the hotel are home to many frogs, toads and lizards and at least a couple of snakes!  I love the design of the swimming pool and so do the frogs!  Around the pool there are watergardens with waterlilies and lotus in pots, which revived my desire for a lotus.  The frogs sit on the lilypads in the shade of the lotus leaves which are held above the water.  I don’t have room for a lotus in my lily pond and want to keep the front pond Australian but I heard there are now mini lotus which have been bred for pots and small ponds. I found one at the local Claremont Farmer’s Market where the breeders of this variety sell their range of waterplants including edible water plants!  Now the search is on for the perfect bowl to make a third pond in the shade.


Welcome to our new website and blog.  I will try to provide inspiration for sustainable gardens and landscape design by discussing what is happening in Perth gardens each season and the best organic methods.  I will also give updates about what I am doing in my garden and clients’ gardens.


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